The Gainesville Data Center Facility

Data Center Facility Gainesville Florida
(Photos by Dale Gunnoe.

A data center designed with corporate clients in mind.

Gainesville Data Center location

Located in North Central Florida. The Gainesville Data Center was built for security, high availability, connectivity and redundancy. Tenants benefit from an a high power-to-space ratio and local technicians who safeguard your IT assets and support the management of your computing systems. Our 2100 sq ft of state-of-the-art, ground-level floor space gives you the freedom and flexibility to scale seamlessly.  Our nationwide private WAN service portfolio and associated geographically disperse data center space let’s you build a rock solid IT solution.

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  • Multiple layers of security & authentication; including card key & PIN required for facility entrance
  • Full CCTV surveillance backed by digital recording on file for 90 days
  • Locking cabinets and/or cages
  • Firewall management and monitoring services
  • Wind roof rating FM-90

Power Infrastructure

  • 1.2 MW of utility power
  • 300 watts/sq ft
  • 208v AC standard for increased efficiency
  • All power delivered under raised floor
  • Two (2) power distribution units delivering true A & B power supply
  • A & B legs presented in-cabinet as separate power strips
  • Complete American Power Conversion (APC) solution
  • 250 KW backup diesel generator on standby
  • Generator tested monthly and routinely full-load tested


  • Redundant HVAC with Liebert air handlers
  • Cabinets laid out for optimum airflow – cold air at front base of cabinets
  • Ambient temperature of 72 degrees


  • APC full and half cabinets
  • APC cabling
  • APC ladder rack
  • APC monitored power strips
  • APC environmental monitoring
  • APC backup in-row HVAC
  • Cisco switching environment
  • Fiber and Copper Interconnects


  • Single tenant, single-story building
  • 12 inch raised floors
  • 300 lbs/sq ft floor load
  • Solid cabling routed neatly in overhead ladder rack
  • Dry pipe fire suppression
  • Integrated smoke/heat detector system

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